Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Not So Fresh From the Weekend

I don't know if you've noticed this, but summertime is HOT. I've been steadily wilting now for a couple of weeks, and this weekend upped the ante, allowing me to cease wilting and instead melt into a pool of sticky discomfort. Jarod was in town, and we dragged ourselves all over New York City, having some fun but getting worn down by the heat at every turn. We managed salsa dancing outdoors at Lincoln Center until I leaned over to whisper in his ear something akin to sweet nothings, which went, "How about when this song is over, we go back and sit in the hotel in air conditioned comfort?" I'm not so sure it was as sweet when I suggested leaving the Yankee game early, but with the score at ten nothing in our team's favor halfway through the seventh inning, I figured they didn't need me to keep perspiring in the sun in order to win. And then there was yesterday, the extra day I got off, which we don't need to revisit because on a suckage scale of one to ten, in which one indicates that it didn't suck on little bit, and ten indicates that the suckage was mighty, I'd call the suckage an eleven. Possibly a twelve. In the end, it was me and a chocolate mousse cup and a commuter train home, nursing a strange throbbing sensation that turned out to be headache. I was more than happy to go to bed, and was even happier when, sometime after midnight, my air conditioner decided that it could actually cool the room, and I fell asleep.

Today is a day for hitting the reset button, for sure. And the reset button says that there's nothing wrong with a little workout and an early bedtime to get things rolling in the right direction.

There's also nothing wrong with having just one more month until I come home. I booked my flight today, so it's official: August 12th, I will be back in Kansas City. I can't wait.

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