Thursday, July 05, 2007

Now With More Discovery Channel Type Action

This afternoon we were at the beach during high tide, and a great number of things had washed up on the shore. There was a tennis ball, plastic bottle caps, lumber, string, a....tomato?

along with all the litter, a tomato also washed ashore
Y'all need to stop throwing your fresh produce into the sea.

There were also a number of horseshoe crabs, all in various states of "Gee, where am I?" or "Hey, baby, you look fiiiiine." One was thrown onto its back by the surf, so I gently pushed it back over onto its belly. Daily kindness towards nature: complete! The horseshoe crabs and I are like this. Except when they're like this:

yes, that is a horseshoe crab...on top of another horseshoe crab

At first glance it may look like it is one lone barnacle-clad horseshoe crab, digging into the sand. On second look, however, hmmmm, there appears to be...oh! Well, don't let me interrupt.

Later some of the kids found the amorous couple and decided that they were in trouble and should be dug out and set free. There was some confusion as to why they were stuck together. Were they both alive? Why was one clinging to the other one? Wasn't it so terribly sad that the live horseshoe crab was so distraught about the death of the other horseshoe crab that it clung tightly to it, not letting go even when freed from the clutches of the beach at high tide? Al was visibly upset. I assured him that they were both, in fact, still alive. He seemed doubtful. Unwilling to disclose anything that might allude to intercourse between crustaceans, I offered up a lame, "Sometimes, they just like to hang out like that!"

I really think the exclamation point in my voice is what made it convincing.

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