Friday, July 20, 2007

Technology Hates Me

I might hate it back.

The past who-knows-how-many weeks have been a procession of work, visitors, work, packing, work, wedding planning, and still more work. From time to time I've had a moment with an iced coffee while the kids are still up to their activities, but mostly no. I haven't slept enough or well enough any night this week, and am awakened lately by the shock of my cell phone alarm, which really doesn't happen to me in normal times. I always wake up before the alarm and shut it off. Except not now. Now I work from seven to seven and then sometimes I work out and then it's either wedding planning or photo processing, and why am I using the word "or" when I always am doing more than one thing at a time? The only thing I do on its own is work out, as I find it's quite difficult to hold the boat pose and address envelopes or adjust levels on a histogram. It's not uncommon for me to have several applications open at once, doing a little bit of each thing and chatting about wedding details on iChat at the same time. Which is why it's so surprising that when my hard drive decided to let me know that it would no longer be working with me, not under any circumstances, I only had two applications open. I was all, "Come ON, you little twit, we've run six applications at once before and you didn't even sputter. Not once!" I think if my hard drive had not been so busy ignoring me, it would have been giving me the finger. Instead it just...died. Not another word. It took all the files I had not had time to back up yet and went off to curl up somewhere comfortable to breathe its last.

Those files included things such as the wedding shower invitee lists, including addresses and email, and also a very funny photo of these little fish that have teeth, one with its mouth open wide, comically so. There was also a photo of an angry crab who looked less angry and more like he was pointing to the number five on his sign. Like, "Look here, folks, I have a FIVE." The address lists I am just miffed about because it means re-doing the work I'd already done when I should have been sleeping. But the photos...well. I suppose I am just miffed at myself about that, because I ALWAYS keep my photo files in two places, and this one time, just this once, I erased some off my CF card before I'd backed them up on my external hard drive, and now they are gone. And I keep thinking of that picture of the fish and getting a little teary, which is silly, really, because come ON, Mary, it's just a picture of funny fish, and it's not even that good. But still.

So tonight I thought I'd watch a little What Not to Wear before my late night workout, which I need desperately, for tension relief as much as to burn off the ginormous muffin I ate yesterday, and the cable is not working. I have just four more Friday nights with free cable, and it's decided to bow out for the evening. Thanks a lot technology, for being so dependable.

I don't know. Maybe my technological devices are just tired, too.

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