Friday, August 03, 2007

Brought to You by Captain Obvious

Al: Do you know where Reggie's underwater cave is?

Al's friend: No.

Al: It's underwater.



For those of you keeping track at home (like my brother), my page count now exceeds 2600. However, to be fair and honest, I must disclose that it's not anything weighty (unless we're counting actual weight) such as theology or philosophy. I may be winning the page count race, but my brother wins the cerebral reading award by a long shot. I was just catching up with Harry Potter. I dropped off after reading the fourth book, simply because that's the last one that Jack and Mary Liz owned that I could borrow from their shelves. So five, six, and seven still needed my attention, and, being near at hand, they got it. I'm all caught up now, right down to the very last page of the series.


And then there was one. Week, that is. Of work! Before I go home! Often when I am driving hither and yon on some work related errand, I get to thinking about how I won't be driving those same roads multiple times a day anymore, and it seems odd. A good kind of odd, but odd nevertheless. This has been my life for the past fourteen months, driving a minivan, living in a room above the garage, taking a train into the city...and now I'm moving on. That's a good thing.


Speaking of taking a train into the city, this weekend will mark my last New York City excursion, at least of the sort where I leave my home base in Connecticut and take a train in every weekend. I know I've said it many times, but I will miss that very much. But the tradeoff of being home, of having a more relaxed life, of hanging out every day with the man I love--well I'm definitely getting the sweetest part of the deal there, no question. So tomorrow I'll visit some of my favorite spots, and I'll pick up a few last minute gifts and souvenirs, and I'll most likely console myself with a chocolate mousse cup on the way back to Connecticut.


One more week. Oh, dear, that makes me incredibly happy.

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