Saturday, August 11, 2007

In Honor of This Momentous Occasion, I Have Had My Toenails Painted a Godawful Shade of Orange

It's also sparkly. What am I? Seven?

My last day of work was yesterday, but I stayed an extra day here in Connecticut because Al has insisted since way back in the wintertime that I come to the county swim meet to watch him swim. So I stayed, and I went, and I watched. And it was good. He worked hard all season to improve his swimming in every way possible, and it paid off with firsts in all his events (butterfly, backstroke, freestyle). I'm really proud of him, not for winning, really, but for the effort and focus it took him to get that good. I am terribly glad I stayed the extra day here to watch him, even though it does mean I don't get to fly Midwest this time. (No fresh baked cookies! No roomy leather seats! AND I have a layover! I KNOW! SACRIFICE!)

But I suppose it doesn't matter what airline I fly. I am getting to go home. After all these months, I am landing in Kansas City not just to turn around and leave again in a few days, but to stay for a good long time. And that? Feels wonderful.

3 comments: said...

I bet when you got off the plane you about fliped out when the heat hit you!! This was our hotest day of the year so far.

My daughter Kelly worked with your Mother at the library. She is one nice lady!!
I have a blog, too!! Just started this past June. I love it!!
Stop by anytime and visit!

Pirate Fish said...

I'm in MacStation, reading your blog on a shiny screen! Squeee!

I think orange is great colour. It's the 1st one I picked when Bath & Body Works came out with polish in the late 90s.

Shiz said...

Sigh, that was me ... Shiz