Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Bonjour from the Riviera!

Oh, um, hi. Where was I? Am I? What?

Turns out weddings pretty much consume your existence if you're decorating the reception venue yourself and also preparing the food yourself (with help--LOTS of help--of course). The whole thing feels like a very long race, probably not unlike the Badwater Ultramarathon, which begins in Death Valley and ends halfway up Mount Whitney. I've never tried that one, of course, but considering that planning and executing a wedding was way harder than running Pikes Peak, I think Badwater is definitely the best illustration of the kind of energy it takes. But in the end, it's all worth it. At Badwater, if you finish in time you get a belt buckle. In wedding planning (if it's your own wedding, that is), in the end you get to be married.

we're pretty much rock stars

Oh, and also, if you're us, you get to be in France pretty shortly thereafter. And that's pretty awesome, too.

Photos and more to come, of course, once I get my face out of this giant vat of gelato.

(One more photo for the road. You're welcome.)


brooke said...

we are too similar, it seems. arts incubator reception, honeymoon in the french riviera. we you guys return, i think its a must that we hang out.

holly said...

*cheesy monty python french accent* vhery nhice-uh!

it was wonderful to see you, and have a fantastic time over there!!!

Shiz said...

Awesome wedding you two. It was PERFECT. Gorgeous wedding, GORGEOUS BRIDE, and the funnest, hippest reception, EVER! I'm so VERY happy for you two and extremely PROUD!

amy said...

congrats, again, mary! you were (are) gorgeous, the reception was a blast and these 2 pics are FABULOUS! i love them & can't wait to see more. enjoy this precious time away!

cara said...

awesome! yay. cool. rad. killer. sweet. chouette. fantastic. hmm. totally thought i knew more adjectives off the top of my head to convey my wedding congrats. hope that's enough. oh, how about this British one i learned: i am chuffed for you guys. don't know if i used that correctly, and frankly it still seems somewhat dirty to me, but there you have it. as you are still in my timezone, a 4 hour ferry ride away, and if you are nightowls like us, you may even get this comment right away! that's neato.