Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Slow and Steady Wins the Race

Jarod's former roommate not only didn't pay his rent for July, which is the last month he was to occupy his room here, but also left his stuff through the entire month of August. We badgered him into sending a donation service to pick up his furniture, and the rest we bagged ourselves and dropped off at Goodwill, an entire Honda Civic back seat and trunk full. We've been assured that he will pay the rent for July eventually, and while I understand that things come up and sometimes it's difficult to make all your payments on time, I find I'm still a little bit pissed about the whole deal, especially the part where we kept calling and texting to ask him what was going on and got no response. I see much more of this in our future if we ever hope to see the July rent. So I've been putting his mail, which has not been forwarded yet, in a small box on top of the enclosed cat litter pan. I also plan to use the George Foreman grill he left behind with wild abandon.

Revenge is sweet, especially when it yields some very tasty chicken.


This morning I spent upwards of two hours opening and sorting mail, and I've still got a small stack left. You may think this is quite impossible, or wonder what sort of multi-level marketing schemes we've signed on for in order to receive that much mail, but it's not what it seems. This is mail that has been accumulating since January. Yes, I said January, and yes, it is September. You are not confused about the passage of time.


I am slowly digging us out of disorganization, but it is taking longer than I'd like. I may need a lot more cupcakes in order to get through. Also possibly another Ron Sexsmith album. I'll let you know.


cara said...

gosh, you're funny, Mary. i wish i took the time to try to write as witty as you. alas, i'm lazy. also a procrastinator. and maybe even a tad short on talent. oh well, i make some mean chocolate chip cookies.

and grrr to the ex-roommate.

marymuses said...

Cara, as far as I'm concerned, cookie-making talent trumps all other talents. Therefore, you are the most talented person anyone has ever encountered. I mean that from the bottom of my cookie-loving tummy.