Tuesday, September 18, 2007

There is Nothing New to Report

We are still on our honeymoon. We are still in Nice. We are still sitting in the same square every evening, using the same WiFi connection. We are boring. And it's good.

There are a lot of places one can get to from Nice, and in Nice there are numerous things to see and do and explore and experience. Yet we have done very few things outside of Nice other than a brief afternoon trip to Antibes and a truncated trip to Monaco (we made it only to Cap d'Ail), and in Nice itself we've been to a few museums, but have rejected just as many as we've seen. We have spent the mornings with our eyes shut and heads firmly planted on our pillows, rarely seeing beyond what is visible from our rooftop balcony until past one in the afternoon. We spend our days wandering Nice, mostly Old Town, where we are staying. We have tried quite a few different patisseries but have otherwise been regulars for our other needs and wants. The crepes at Fenocchio have yet to disappoint, so I see no reason to try them elsewhere. The beach at the east end of the Promenade seems less crowded, so we spread our discount leopard beach towels (we forgot to bring ours from home) there. Old Town is familiar, so we feel no need to venture far from there.

For us this has been perfect. While I'm certain that some might see it as a waste of our ten days to be so close to so many things yet fail to see them, in my mind it has been to our benefit to just take it easy. There aren't a lot of times in life when we are free to just relax, to have no agenda and no need to rush. To have this time in a place that is so beautiful, and to use that time to make it a place of familiarity and ease, has been ideal.

Tomorrow will be our last full day here. Our flight takes us away in the morning hours of Thursday.

We'll miss it for sure.

it was all yellow

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