Monday, October 08, 2007

Clearly I Wasn't Cut Out for Do-It-Yourself Projects

This evening I attempted to put together one of those cheapy Target thirty dollar bookshelves, and I must say that I didn't do too badly so long as you don't count the part where I put a peg where it wasn't supposed to go and had to have Jarod get it out for me. Or also maybe the part where I didn't actually finish putting it together. I can't help that though; my toast was ready, and I think we all know that one cannot in good conscience eat cold toast. That would just be wrong.

I'm still doing my best to get our house together. A lot of people have inquired as to whether all my boxes are unpacked and I want to ask them if they're smoking crack, and, if so, if I might have some, as I've heard it helps things move along a little faster. The problem is not in unpacking my boxes so much as it is in clearing out everything that doesn't need to stay in this house and finding good spots for everything else. It would also help if we had some bookshelves for the many boxes of books, but some lazyass keeps procrastinating putting the bookshelves together in favor of activities such as eating toast while it's still hot. It will take awhile. By "awhile" I mean probably six months. I have to organize. I have to paint. I must decorate.

Plus, there is the matter of the job I have which pays real money. In order to get paid that money, I have to show up to do the job. Which I am very happy to do, by the way. I'm back with these beauties sixteen hours a week, and it's smooth as silk, such a relief after the long hours and extraordinary challenges of my job in Connecticut. I couldn't be more thrilled.

Well, unless someone came over and finished putting together all my bookshelves.


Shiz said...

I'll put together your bookcases! If I can get off work and fly down. Can I do that? Oh, and I let my home go to crap. It's my way.

MelissaRousseau said...

Yeah, no, you'll get no, "are your boxes unpacked yet" from me! Confession: it's been 4 years since John and I got married... and I still have some of my things in boxes, in the garage. Our tiny house just can't hold the awesome goodness of my materialism. (blush) Slowly, for the love of my dh, I am getting rid of stuff. Requisite bookshelf from Target is assembled and being used...albiet a little inappropriately (it's living in the dining room... HOW did it end up there?)