Monday, October 01, 2007

These New Jokes Will Never Get Old

Joke the First

I get a kick out of calling Jarod my cats' new dad. As in, "Eponine, aren't you so glad I found you such a good daddy?" or "I need to go switch out the laundry; how about you sit with your dad for a minute?" I know for a fact that this joke will not age (even like fine wine) because I have been using a similar joke about them being grand-kitties for years now, and still I never tire of sending my mom cards signed by the cats or asking her why she didn't get Phae a Christmas present.

Joke the Second

Not far from us there is a martial arts studio which often has a large sign out front advertising the availability of kung fu weapons. When we are driving by, I like to mention that we need to stop in on the way home, or to ask Jarod if he brought the list of weapons he needs, or to complain, if they are closed when we are passing, that I never remember to stop there when they're open, and here I am needing some nunchucks and having to do without.

Either I am terribly clever or undeniably lame.


Shiz said...

Um, you are clever. I think they're funny. And I'm always right about funny.

MelissaRousseau said...

My vote: terribly clever, as you have me laughing out loud!