Wednesday, October 10, 2007

We Totally Win at Recycling

If you saw the pile of recyclable items on our curb tonight, you'd be in awe. Or, if you were getting ready to move, you'd be elated, as this is the BOX JACKPOT of ALL TIME. Come on over if you need to box anything up. We've got boxes for all your boxing needs.


I probably should have saved a few of the larger boxes, come to think of it, as Jack and Mary Liz have decided that our craptastic, unmowed back yard is a paradise, perfect for secret hideouts and yard to yard communication with neighborhood canines. They've moved the two plastic chairs that were sitting randomly near the house up into what they call The Secret Clubhouse, which is not really a secret so much as it is the space beneath a couple of redbud trees that are in dire need of a little pruning. It has been suggested that we need both a fort of some sort and also a tire swing in order to make it decent, but last I checked both kids seemed to be well-occupied with just those two plastic chairs and a bunch of sticks. I'm taking the lazy way out on this one and conveniently forgetting all about these requests.


Know what we also win at? Having the cutest cats ever. I have video to prove it, people. Expect it sometime very soon.

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Shiz said...

Willow has also been vying for the title of Cutest Cat Ever. She acts especially cute when new people are around -- we suspect she wants those other people to take her home with them.