Tuesday, October 23, 2007

You Don't Really Want to Hear About It

I haven't really felt inclined to post lately because everything that's been happening has been the same old stuff, stuff I'm sure you don't really care about. Except that, according to my handy dandy map, people keep visiting, so I thought, "Hey, maybe they do want to hear about it!" That or you're back hoping for the video of my cat watching the video of my other cat, and if that's the case, well God bless you for being as ridiculous as I am. I'll get that video right to you as soon as my husband gets it off the video camera and up onto YouTube. You are at his mercy. Also, your cat sweatshirt is in the mail. Merry Christmas!

(Reasons why I cannot get it off the video camera and put it on YouTube myself include: being entirely too busy petting my cat and also not exactly knowing where that particular cable is, and not really wanting to figure it out either. I already had to redownload my printer drivers after Jarod fixed something on my computer, and please, people, that was taxing enough.)

Things that have been happening around here include organizing our crap, unpacking more boxes, adding turkey bacon to a great many dinners, and wishing the boxes would unpack themselves so that the car would fit in the garage again without me having to do any heavy lifting. Oh, and also I've been treating my acne (yes, still, I KNOW) and staring at my cats. Sounds exciting, doesn't it? Especially the part about the acne, yes?

Right now I'm guessing you wish you were me. It's okay; you're not alone.

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