Wednesday, November 28, 2007


birthday self-portrait with lamp and kitty cat

In low light, the crow's feet are barely noticeable. This is probably because I use eye cream (and serum) (and gel) religiously.


As birthdays go, this was a pretty good one. Earlier today I made brownies (round two of research and development for refined sugar free brownies, which proved to be gloriously successful) for a potluck we attended tonight. Jack and Mary Liz were here while I was making the frosting, and after it was all done, Mary Liz reminded me that I promised her last time she was over that she could help wash dishes the next time I did them. I called Jarod in to do the drying so that Mary Liz would have someone to hand them off to, and pretty soon he had put Jack to work ferrying dry food processor parts over to the table, and it was all done in no time. When people asked me tonight if I'd done anything special for my birthday, or if I was planning to celebrate in a special way, I told them that I had three whole people helping me do dishes this afternoon, and that was celebration enough for me. In fact, I'm kind of hoping I can convince people that it's my birthday every day; it sure was a lot easier and more enjoyable than tackling dish duty all by myself. So, uh, tomorrow's my birthday again. Who likes to dry?


James E. Robinson, III said...

Happy Birthday!

Every year i forget you share the same birthday as my wife.

markbe said...

Mary Birthday (obviously belated)

Shiz said...

Phae is 32? She doesn't look a day over 27!