Monday, November 05, 2007

Earning My Keep

A couple of days ago I borrowed a vacuum from Rachel, with the thought that it would motivate me to get more things put away faster. I was partly right; it's helped. But clearing things out and organizing them properly still takes longer than I'd prefer, so I have yet to vacuum. Today I tackled the office, otherwise known as Land of a Kajillion Boxes of Crap, and I'm proud to announce that I'm very nearly done. In fact, if I hadn't created a whole other box of things to file by going through the existing boxes, I would be done. The filing, though, will have to wait for another day.

And so will the dishes.


One big challenge of my current schedule, which varies quite a lot, depending on both my work hours and Jarod's since we A) share a car, and B) like to hang out together when we're both not working, is that I haven't come up with a consistent workout schedule. Luckily, my skin hates sugar, so the Hershey's Kiss binges will no longer be a factor to add to the spotty workouts which together could equal a need for bigger trousers. See how nicely that works out? Thanks, acne!


Would you like to buy a television?

No, really. I'm dead serious. Like a heart attack serious. It's a Sony Wega flat screen HD television, 34", I believe. We're open to offers and we'll throw in the stand it's on, too, which is from IKEA. I just want it out of my living room. Please, give us some money and take it away.


I bet we'd also throw in the DVD player, but I'll have to double check about that one.


It's my favorite season now. The only complaint I have about autumn is that it never lasts nearly long enough.

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