Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Everything Tastes Better If You Add Turkey Bacon

I haven't tried it in chocolate chip cookies yet, though. That one is still up in the air.

My days seem to be disjointed. To and fro and to and fro and nothing new under the sun and all that. We run errands, I go to work, the kids' school continues to torture me by having the kids not only have days off, but get out early. I keep forgetting things because there's no constant routine. Workouts are relegated to the late night hours. I wish I had a StairMaster in the house. The 4600 CL, specifically, and nothing else will do. This is why I must go to the gym; they have two of them there, and most of the time lately one of them is free for me to use. I have had to use an elliptical trainer twice, and I simply can't abide that nonsense. Or the nonsense of TNT on Saturday afternoons. I watched a movie called The Breed, which is like The Birds but with dogs and Michelle Rodriguez, last Saturday while attempting to have an excellent StairMaster session, and while the StairMaster session was a good workout, now I can't get the idea of feral dogs attacking me in the basement out of my mind, which is especially inconvenient when I have to do laundry.

Time to pack it up and head somewhere else. Consider my blogging duty done, and my run-on sentence award won (again).

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