Tuesday, November 13, 2007

How's Your Fear of the Underdog?

Because I'm concerned that you have none, and you will not survive. And then who will read my blog? Nobody, that's who.

I'm blaming Alice for the fact that I suddenly feel compelled to have that song on repeat the majority of the time that I am awake. Certainly my repeat habits are not Alice's fault, but she is the one who drew my attention to the song by posting the video on her blog. So that I will not be the only weirdo doing her entire StairMaster workout to one single Spoon hit, I am posting it as well. Just try to listen to anything else now. I dare you.

I double Underdog dare you, actually.


I have a confession I feel I must make, though it may cause me great pain and loss. Last Saturday Whole Foods was out of my normal bread selection, Basic Whole Wheat, so I wandered over to the bakery to take a gander at what I might get as an alternative. Their seeded whole wheat was on sale, so I bought it. And I proceeded to fall in love after the first slice of toast. I became so enamored of this bread that while at Rachel's Sunday night, I refused offer of food, thinking that I would pick Jarod up shortly from his work meeting, and I could go home to my bread, my beautiful, lovely bread! However, Jarod's meeting ran longer than usual, and I was forced to pursue other means of sustenance in the form of a multi-grain bagel from Barnes and Noble, which was tasty and economical (just $1.38 with cream cheese), but still not what I had longed for. I looked forward with watering mouth to the next morning's toast. This bread is the bread of my dreams! And so here comes the confession. Because of this deep love of my bread, I have not offered any to my husband. I have, in fact, packed other things in his lunch in order that he might not find out how good this bread is. I'm considering hiding it after posting this so that he will not consume any. I already have enough trouble keeping Annie's Cheddar Bunnies in steady supply. Is it wrong to keep this one thing I love so dearly to myself? I like to think the answer is no.


I always have the best blogging thoughts while on the StairMaster. Unfortunately, they all seem to fade away on the drive home. So this? Well, this is all you get, I'm afraid.

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