Sunday, November 25, 2007

I've Been Feeling a Little Judgmental

There are some blogs I've been reading for quite some time that do not usually contain photos. I've stumbled upon photos of some of the authors lately, and admit I've been quite surprised at times. In my mind, all the bloggers I enjoy who do not have photos posted look like the people I hang out with. Youngish. A little hip. Might use a PC but really would prefer a Mac if they're not already using one. And then when it turns out that they look remarkably different than I had pictured them in my mind, I have trouble wanting to read what they wrote anymore. It's sort of like having a fantastic book made into a movie, but the actors that are chosen are nothing like what I've imagined them to be, and from there on out I have trouble deciding which representation to choose--the one I've been imagining all along or the one I see in front of my face. Often I prefer the Mary's Mind Version. It seems quite all right to say this in terms of movies, but I think when it concerns real people, it comes off as a little judgmental, as if I'm saying that because they don't look how I want them to look, they are not worth my time. But it's more about not being able to reconcile the photographic representation with the voice of their blog. Sometimes the photo just doesn't seem to fit.


I've been meaning for some time to put together a little basic nutrition blog entry, but I seem to get distracted with other things. I'm trying to find the right words to put together to explain things simply but effectively, to encourage without judging. I am really passionate about feeding kids properly in particular, but to infer that someone's parenting practices could be improved in any way, I've found, is treading on thin ice, especially since I've no children of my own just yet. Which leads me to a pet peeve of mine, which is when people assure me that when they're my own kids, I will suddenly succumb to every parenting faux pas I swore I'd never make, particularly in reference to nutrition and television, that I'll revert back to drive thrus and partially hydrogenated crap because they're MINE and they're PRESHUS and how can I deny them THE GLORY OF THE MCDONALD'S FRENCH FRY or at least a few high-fructose-corn-syrup-laced tubes of yogurt and twelve episodes of SpongeBob? It's a lot like telling an Apple employee that one day he'll go off and buy his kid a PC featuring Windows Vista. I happen to have an Apple employee right here, and he just looked at me like I was nuts when I asked him if that would ever be a possibility.

I think it might be different if I were just casually watching others' children, if I'd never gone beyond just getting them where they need to go and making sure they're dressed for the weather. I think about much more than that. I consider their futures. I put in serious time researching developmental issues. My goal has always been to do for the kids I work with what I would do if they were mine. I want the best for them and their futures. I doubt that will change when I'm the parent as opposed to the nanny.


Circling the wagons back to nutrition, if you'd like a good place to start, Nutrition Detectives is fantastic. I saw a short piece on this some time ago, and I am a huge fan of this program. You can implement it yourself, regardless if you are planning on using it with children or if you're an adult who just wants more information for yourself. If you have been eating the Standard American Diet (SAD! Don't be SAD!) and have no idea what is what or where to start, this is a great tool. Also, this way it's doctors telling you what's good for you, not some ridiculous nanny who doesn't have the proper letters behind her name.


KreativeMix said...

LOL!!! you're funny :-)

Anonymous said...

so, i've been reading your blog for awhile because i really enjoy it. i think you are a great writer and i agree with a lot of the things you write about.

i decided to come out of the shadows and finally comment because of the whole 'once you become a parent you standards will suddenly change thing.'

i have 2 kids. 4 and 2. and i can proudly say, they have never had the "joy" of a happy meal. now, they have had a french fry every once in a while because for some reason it's ok for me to eat fast food occasionally, but not them. but instead of knowing what mcdonald's is, they think the big yellow m is really cool because it's a big yellow m.

and the tv thing, 1/2 a day of an 'approved' video.
(except on sundays when they are allowed to watch football, but not the commercials.) i know we kind of have strange standards. :)

your standards don't have to change when the children are yours and from what i've read over the last while i don't think they will. you'll just have to put up with the incredulous 'what?!' when you tell people you don't 'do' fast food with the kids.

thanks for the enjoyable reading!

oh and my husband and i love he hovers around level 41. i hover at the lowly level of 34. but it's fun! my 4 year old now knows the meaning of prodigious.