Saturday, November 17, 2007

Knee Socks or No Knee Socks, That is the Question

The answer, naturally, is KNEE SOCKS, DUH! Who roller skates without knee socks? Not me. And that is what we're doing tonight. I have yet to check to see if Jarod has knee socks, but I'll get right on that.

Also, who roller skates without being well-rested? I've got to get a quick nap in before we head out for the evening.

There will be photos of our wicked good time, so don't worry about missing anything.


amy said...

oh, how i'm looking forward to the coming photographs! i hope you all had a great time.

laci said...

me too!

Shiz said...

Dammit, I never learned to roller skate! It looks so fun. Maybe I'll practice on grass.