Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Now with More Sin-Free Second Graders

Yesterday in the car we were having our standard Nobody's Perfect So Don't Worry That You Just Got In Big Trouble talk. Jack was the one who had just been in trouble, so he felt it was an excellent time to point out that, while no one in the car at that very moment was perfect, he soon would be. Because tonight he went to Reconciliation. Which, I gather, is the same as First Confession (should I be capitalizing that? I feel like I should, in order to be more holy), but with an updated name. He assured me that not only would his sins all be wiped away, but that he wouldn't sin anymore, so he'd be just like Jesus and the Virgin Mary. Apparently this opportunity was available to everyone in his class, so watch out, Kansas City, there's a pack of sinless second graders headed your way.


The only way I'm headed right now is toward the gym. Late night workouts are my specialty, and they're about to become Jarod's as well. Isn't he lucky?

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Shiz said...

Yay! I wish I could work out in the morning, but getting up at 5 am is not my cup of tea. It's more like a cup of bathwater.