Thursday, December 27, 2007

Could We Be Any More Boring?

I like to think the answer is no. That way there's nowhere to go but up.

Our Christmas was...Christmas-y. We hung out with family. We made some food. We ate some food. We collapsed on the sofa in a heap once it was all over, our house a disaster. I made a half-hearted effort at cleaning up some of yesterday's messes, but that didn't really work out. I'm still hoping magical Christmas fairies will show up and put everything back to rights, but I have a feeling that what will actually happen is that the chocolate pan will soak for three days until we're back from the wedding we're attending in Wichita and that Sunday will find me cleaning. Oh, boy. Can't wait.

Thanks to both of us having to work all day, we mostly avoided the day after Christmas shopping rush. I made a brief trip to Target this evening after everyone else had already picked over the holiday clearance offerings, and although I kept repeating "I'm only here for conditioner and cough drops" to myself, I still found my way to the clearance section. I scored a couple of holiday plates and a glass featuring penguins at bargain basement prices, but the most exciting purchase was actually full price. Lucy Snowe's new scratching equipment included certified organic catnip, so after I got home we got to watch the cats all get good and high, play like maniacs, and crash on the couch in a stupor. I expect the munchies to hit pretty soon, but I'm not going to wait up for that part of the festivities. I'll just fill the bowls and leave 'em to it.

Good night, all. Belated holiday wishes and all that. I hope your Christmas was merry and bright.

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Shiz said...

I'm sorry yall had to work the 26th.

All my life, Christmas was TWO days; 25th was Christmas, the 26th was Boxing Day. To me, Boxing Day means sleep late and nap often, cook nothing, have no organized meals, eat leftovers, play with toys/gifts, and basically de-stress and do whatever the heck you want. It's FABULOUS.