Thursday, December 20, 2007


One of my favorite small pleasures is using a new toothbrush for the first time. My teeth feel so much cleaner afterwards. My gums sigh from the vigorous massage. If I had a new toothbrush every day, I would have no reason to complain about anything except for my own wastefulness. As it is, I get a new brush when the old one is worn down to a nub. I can't justify to my conscience the purchase of a new toothbrush when the old one still scrubs the plaque away just fine, at least sort of. (When it moves from "sort of" to "not so much," then it is time for a new brush.)

This time when I bought my new toothbrush, I also picked up new toothpaste. I was very nearly out, and was secretly hoping that I'd be out at the very moment that I unwrapped my new toothbrush, but it hasn't worked out that way. Every morning and evening, by pressing firmly from the bottom of the tube upwards, I can still get a respectable amount out for brushing. This troubles me for two reasons, the first being that I don't think my new toothpaste will seem as thrilling on a fraying brush, and second because I am actually quite anxious to try the new paste. Er, gel. Whatever. They seem to have ceased carrying my old favorite, Colgate Cinna Mint, at most local retailers, so I chose a new cinnamon toothpaste, this time Crest Whitening with Scope EXTREME. After seeing the word EXTREME printed on the package, I searched high and low for an alternate, but it was either EXTREME or mint, and I just don't go in for mint in my toothpaste these days. So EXTREME it was, and honestly I'm looking forward to trying it because I want to find out if it's going to make my teeth hop right out of my mouth to go surfing off the Great Barrier Reef or if they'll choose to drop out of a helicopter into the Himalayas so they can snowboard off some really sick peaks. I hope they take some photos or, in the case of the Himalayas being their choice, strap video cameras to the top of their little tooth helmets.


In Lucy Snowe news (as if you didn't see that coming from a mile away), she is fascinated by the computer. She loves the cursor and anything with sliders (Photoshop is a dream come true), but she can't figure out why there's nothing behind the screen. She'll see something on the front, then lean around the back to look for it and get a look on her face like, "Wait. What?" This is beyond amusing. I keep trying to find things on YouTube that will interest her so she will do it again.

It's a good thing I've got a husband already, because I think my new obsession with Lucy Snowe might push me right over the edge into spinster cat lady territory.

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Shiz said...

You knit, you have three cats. It's a good thing you are married, miss crazy cat lady.

Lucy Snowe sounds so cute looking for things begins the computer. Does she like bird videos?

Also, I like close up toothpaste - the red gel, but almost no one carries it any mo.