Monday, December 03, 2007

Have You Ever Noticed...

...that people who do not have their own blogs (or do not link to them) often make the rudest comments? I'm all, DUDE, GET YOUR OWN BLOG, YOU OBVIOUSLY SUFFER FOR THE LACK OF ONE. Or cause other people suffering. Or both.

I don't generally make comments on blogs of note, but I've been doing so lately for some inexplicable reason (also known as not feeling like scrubbing my skillet clean or scraping my paint and plaster covered wallpaper off the walls), and today a comment of mine was attacked by a fellow commenter. So then, of course, because I can't just let these things go, I had to go back and write an essay to a guy who doesn't even have his own blog in order that I might clear things up. Because obviously someone who attacks others and points out how they are wrong will see the light of reason if I just write enough words.

I think my comment was longer than the actual blog post, which is exactly why I should just go back to my usual way of never commenting on anything ever.


1 comment:

Shiz said...

The anon quality of the net makes it sooo easy for people to be bitchy and mean.