Saturday, December 15, 2007

It is with Deepest Pride and Greatest Pleasure

that we present to you Miss Lucy Snowe.

miss lucy snowe

Please join us in welcoming her by offering a hearty MEOW! (or, in the case of Lucy Snowe's French friends: MIAO!) in the comments.

Also please thank Jarod for not killing me for bringing home one more cat.

PS--The first person to identify the origin of Lucy Snowe's name will win a prize.


Shiz said...

Thanks to the internet, I can tell you that Lucy Snowe is the protagonist from Charlotte Brontë's Villette.

I named a stray kitty by our place in Kitsilano Lucy, and always sang to her OtR's Lucy, getting all emphatic for the part, "It's not as BAAAAAAAAD as toy think!"


Shiz said...

YOU think, not TOY think. DUH.

Shiz said...

Uuuum, also? We need video footage. :)

Holly said...

she is soooooooooooo adorable. :)