Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Sometimes I Just Can't Resist

And now that may come back to bite me in the rear. Or bite my cat in the rear.

This evening while we were eating dinner, Eponine came up and sat primly by the table. I'm pretty much a sucker for her silent meow and wide-eyed stare, so I offered her a bit of the game hen we were having. She gobbled it right up, so I kept giving her more. When it's regular chicken, she'll often eat a bit and leave the rest, so I was pretty thrilled that she kept gobbling up what I gave her. "I wonder what she'd do with the whole wing?" I asked Jarod.

"Don't waste it!" he replied. Which, seriously, is it wasting to offer something tasty to someone who looks like this?

curled up cozy

Admit it; you'd take one look at that cat and be sucker enough to give her the whole bird.

But I didn't give her the whole bird! Or even the whole wing! I simply gave her the tip of the wing. I expected her to approach it as she does most other food, a little cautiously. I set it on the floor. She looked at it. She sniffed it. She licked it. She lifted her head back up to look at me with those wide eyes again, as if expecting something. I leaned down to direct her back to the wing, but it was nowhere to be found. Quick as a wink, she'd swallowed it whole.

I am now imagining driving to Mission MedVet in the middle of the night because I gave my cat a perforated digestive system part (choose one: esophagus, stomach, intestine, etc.).

Jarod is laughing at me, and envisioning me cleaning up lots of cat vomit.

As for Eponine, she is sniffing my fingers, looking at me expectantly. She doesn't care about swallowing bones whole; she just wants MORE.

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