Monday, December 03, 2007

This Should Be My Cue to Get Off the Couch and Get Some Work Done

When my husband and I got married, he already owned a house, and what with the housing market being soft and the fact that it was a better choice in our financial situation to refinance instead of selling, I moved in. It's a really cute house, and with some attention it could be really fantastic. I like the layout and hardwoods. Now that I've gotten it pretty much organized and am getting to work on some of the annoying projects (stripping painted and plastered over wallpaper off the master bedroom walls, anyone?), I'm really seeing its potential. It's a good little house, a great place to start. But it's not a house I ever would have chosen to buy, and for one simple reason, which is that the neighborhood is a little farther out than I would prefer. I was spoiled before, living just north of the Plaza for cheap, and I have trouble getting over that. I like being able to walk where I want to go, and honestly the only thing I can walk to here that is of value to me is the Goodwill store, where, frankly, I usually drive because I have crap from the house in my car that I want them to have. I miss being in the kind of neighborhood where I could walk to get coffee or window shop or sit in the bookstore and read. In fact, I miss it a lot.

Which is to say that now that I have on my Getting Things Done Uniform (also known as a tank top and pajama pants), perhaps instead of searching the internet for greener pastures, I should actually get things done so that when the housing market recovers a bit, we will be ready.

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Shiz said...

Perhaps when the house is all nice and done the market will be good and you'll sell your house quickly for a ton of money because it's soooo beautiful.

Then y'all can move to the plaza. Or, you know, Wesport, or Brookswood. Ahhh.