Saturday, December 22, 2007

With Thanks to the Weather

It's turning out to be a really excellent day. I might not be singing the same tune once I have to back down my driveway to go get Jarod at work, but for now it's just right. (Let's just pause for one moment here and recognize that if the car will have to be backed down the driveway, it means that I actually got it pulled UP the driveway earlier today, even though it was slippery. I'll give you a moment to reflect... ... ... ... ...Amen.) At noon I noticed that the roads were already slippery in some patches, so I decided not to trouble myself heading out to the family dinner this evening. Not that I wouldn't love to see everyone, but this added an element of peace to my day that it just wasn't heading for otherwise. I did my errands straightaway, making a last moment veer into the Goodwill parking lot to round everything out, and was rewarded by scoring two wooden chairs for just $9.98. We can now have five people at our table if we want, a little cozy, but all sitting in chairs that do not roll, swivel, or belong at a desk. Brilliant!

I've been needing a non-rushed, uninterrupted day at home. Every day it seems there has been something to throw off my equilibrium--a change of schedule, a change of plans, a spouse too tired to go to the gym. But today I have the luxury of planning out the day as I see fit. And if I see fit to require myself to finish folding the laundry before I shower, then so be it. If I decide to take photos of Lucy Snowe because kittens don't last, then I will do it. If I want to post those photos knowing that even those of you who think I'm a crazy cat lady will not be able to resist the cuteness, then I will. And I am. Here:

bowling pin


with one ear on the listen

Lucy Snowe says, "Don't be a hater! Crazy cat ladies RULE!"


k-stin said...

Lucy Snowe is pretty cute. I like her coloring a lot. Did you say where you got her? (Pet Store? Shelter?)

I know I don't comment often, but thought of you tonight because I was watching Mary Poppins and realized she's a nanny like you and your name is Mary. Haha, I know I'm a dork.

Shiz said...

I love miss Lucy Snowe, and that is all there is to it.

I also love you.

markbe said...

1. chairs that do not roll or swivel are inferior


Em B said...

Lucy Snowe is incredibly cute!!!