Sunday, December 09, 2007

Worthy of Your Time and Attention

And then, of course, your action. Take it a bit at a time if you need to--it's long. It's important, though to make it all the way through to the end. It's an article from last year, but in my opinion it's a classic.

What Should a Billionaire Give - and What Should You?


markbe said...

Answer #1, before reading the article: You "should" give more than half of what you bring home. If you're a billionaire (or even millionaire), a significant portion of the other half should be investments that will benefit others in some way.

Disclaimer: i don't... not even close.

markbe said...

I shouldn't be surprised but... here's a utilitarian philosopher, Peter Singer, who believes that it is ok to kill a child within the first month of her life if you think that is the best (most pragmatic) thing to do. And he is still moral enough to understand something that most people (Christians included) don't. Wow. And many of those same people bash him for his "anti-life" stance, know nothing of this article (myself included, until now) and are allowing children around the world to die while they buy another useless toy for Christmas to celebrate Jesus. Man.