Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Date Night with the McBrides, with Special Guest Broccoli Obamally

That's what Mary Liz is calling Barack Obama. She can pronounce it properly, but thinks that her way is more fun. She's right. Today while we were having a snack, she very seriously asked me, "Why do you want Broccoli Obamally to be our next president?" She listened intently while I tried to explain to her how I think that our government isn't doing its job right, because they do things because people pay them money instead of doing what regular citizens want, and Broccoli wants to change all that. I was about to launch into a kid-friendly explanation of his views on education when I realized that she wouldn't get it no matter how much I simplified each single concept, so I finally said, "You know what? All that is kind of confusing for kids. My real answer is that I want him to be our next president because I think he is honest and has good ideas. And I want a president who tells the truth and uses good ideas." She nodded, satisfied. And continued to mention him the rest of the afternoon just so she could say Broccoli Obamally.

Jarod and I tried our best to get into Municipal Auditorium to see Broccoli tonight, but we arrived a lot later than many folks, and so we didn't stand a chance of getting in. Instead, we accepted the invitation to wait outdoors at Barney Allis Plaza, where we were promised Senator Obamally would show up so he could speak to everyone that showed up, not just those that got a spot indoors. Initially he was to come outside first, but because he was running behind, they shuttled him indoors, so those of us freezing outdoors had to wait. And freeze some more. Honestly, I couldn't feel my feet before they told us that it would be at least another forty-five minutes. But we wanted to see him, so Jarod held our place while I grabbed hot drinks at Starbucks and waited in the warmth until I could begin to feel something vaguely related to sensation in my feet. Jarod then took a turn in the Holiday Inn lobby warming up but got back in time to join me in the front row and shake Broccoli's hand. It was pretty much fantastic. AND! We have video! Please try to ignore what an enormous dork I'm being there at the end. I couldn't help myself; my brain had frozen.


holly said...

so awesome. the video, mary liz's name for him, your post, everything.

and of course, broccoli himself.

Shiz said...

I still love that his dad was, at one time, a goat herder. He's the son of a goat herder! That is GOLD.

Oh, and he seems pretty awesome if you ask me.

Also, for the video: holy screeching, Batwoman. It is not a Van Halen concert. There is no need to be screaming like that.

daysgoby said...

Award for you over at my blog. Come pick it up!