Friday, January 25, 2008

This Morning She Accidentally Dipped Her Tail in My Fresh Cup of Coffee, and I Still Drank It

Sometimes my beliefs clearly don't line up, as I'm an avid handwasher (and a proponent of other people being avid handwashers) (I mean, come on, is it so hard to use soap?) (you just used a toilet, for crying out loud) (I clearly need to get over the parentheses), yet Lucy Snowe dips her tail in my coffee and I refuse to give up drinking it. In my defense, Lucy is a very clean cat, plus, good coffee is expensive. And this is good coffee.

It occurred to me this morning that, even though someone had asked in the comments, I never did tell you the story of how I came to adopt Lucy Snowe. It's pretty simple, really.

1. I can't be trusted in an animal shelter for more than ten minutes.
2. I was there for two hours helping Rachel pick out a cat.

It only stands to reason that I'd come home with one.

Last summer Jarod and I endured a particularly miserable day in New York City, and in an effort to make me feel better, he told me that I could have another cat. I'm sure that by the time Thanksgiving rolled around, he figured I'd forgotten, but no! I have the memory of an elephant, at least when it comes to promises of pets. (What am I, seven?) So when I saw Lucy at Wayside Waifs and failed to convince Rachel to adopt her, I...well...she was special, and...I couldn't leave without her. I had a lot of moments of adopter's remorse as the time drug on while they were processing our paperwork and getting the cats checked out. But Rachel, who was adopting Lucy Snowe's sister, was getting a little panicky about all the responsibility involved in adopting a pet of her own, so I focused on getting her to breathe without the aid of a paper bag and put my own anxieties on the back burner.

I'm so very glad I did.

Lucy has turned out to be a fantastic addition to our household. She is clutzy and curious and sweet and snuggly. She lets us pick her up and hold her like a baby. She turns on her back so I can rub her soft belly. So far, she has only broken one coffee mug. I knew when I saw her that she was a keeper, but this is even better than I expected.

If you would like a pet, I highly recommend adoption. There are a ton of pets in need, and as a bonus, you get to interact with them and get to know their personalities before you choose. One thing that really sealed the deal for me (and for Rachel as well) was getting to talk to our kittens' foster mom. She gave us a lot of info about both cats, and we were also both thrilled to know that they'd been well-cared for in a home. Because we chose to adopt, our cats only spent one short day at the actual shelter. And that makes me feel good.

do not disturb

I like to think it makes Lucy Snowe feel good, too.


markbe said...

are you back on the caffeine? i just roasted a killer Nicaragua FTO (from the Esteli-Miraflor coop) the other day. making an americano now since work insisted on waking me up at 3:15 and i can't get back to sleep. mmmmm... coffee. gonna drink it in my Coors mug! well, if you're back on, lemme know and i'll roast up some yummy for ya.

Shiz said...

Mmmm, kitty coffee.

Adooooorable pic!

Shiz said...

Wait. If these points:

1. I can't be trusted in an animal shelter for more than ten minutes.
2. I was there for two hours helping Rachel pick out a cat.

are true, doesn't that leave you with twelve 10-min periods? Shouldn't you have come home with 12 cats?

Jarod should thank you for only getting the one.