Tuesday, February 12, 2008

I am Boring, Example #968,574,937

So I'm pretty stoked today, and do you know why? No, not because there are primaries and I am wearing my lucky shoes (though that certainly is exciting), but because.....I had new brake pads put on the car!

And next week? I'm taking it in for an oil change and to have a repair done that is covered by Honda's extension of our original warranty!

Also, in three weeks I'm going to have two new tires put on, which will mean that all four tires have been replaced. How can I do this? Because I budgeted for it! AWESOME!

It's pretty sad when getting normal maintenance done on a Honda Civic is a point of excitement.


In other news, I'm so totally over winter. On Saturday we had a day that allowed our basement to be warm enough that I could comfortably clean out and organize it a bit (it's an ongoing project, but I'm making solid progress), and now that I've gotten a taste of that kind of good life, I simply can't be bothered with this zero-degrees-windchill bit.

Wait, did I just refer to cleaning out and organizing my basement as "the good life?" Example of Boringness #968,574,938, served up hot and fresh.


I think that part of the reason this is all so exciting is simply because I struggled so long to make ends meet, to keep up with things, to be responsible in the way I wanted to be. I was in so much debt and behind on so much that it seemed impossible that I would ever be able to go to the grocery store and get what I really wanted without having to put anything back. Jarod was in similar straits, but together we have put together a good budget that allows us to live more comfortably. While we are still careful and responsible with our budget, the truth is that most of the time if I want to get something extra and a little bit more fancy at the store, I can. If something unexpected comes up, it's not a huge stretch to cover it. We may have to reel in our expenditures for a few weeks depending on the size of the expense, but it's never terribly painful. I never have to use a credit card to cover life's necessities. And that feels incredibly good.

If there's one thing that I would recommend highly as a means of finding peace in life, it's too make the sacrifices it takes to get free of debt. It is not easy or fun for that moment, but when it's all said and done, when the last check is mailed off to pay off the car or the credit card or the student loan, the load of life is so much lighter. I've talked to a lot of people who endured some hard times and some heavy days to put their financial past firmly into the past, and we all agree that it was not only worth it, but that it was good for us. By taking the hard road, we are better set to maintain our good habits so that we will not have to endure that kind of distress again. Lesson learned, moving forward. Life is exciting, isn't it?

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