Monday, February 04, 2008

I Know It's Been on Your Minds

But perhaps you were to scared to ask. What if she were going for Hillary, and asking her would cause a rift in our family? What if asking her opinion was your last ditch effort to make a decision, yet she declined to say?

People, Lucy Snowe has felt your anguish, and she is ready to respond. She knows it is a bit late in the game, what with the Kennedy clan already making their announcements of support and the rumor of even Bobby DeNiro getting in on the Obama action, but as with getting the chicken treat bag open, Lucy Snowe feels it's never too late. She hopes this announcement will make a difference to those of you who are still undecided and heading to the polls.

lucy snowe endorses barack obama for president

Lucy Snowe endorses Barack Obama for president.

Need I say more?


Shiz said...

That settles it, then. Lucy Snowe is wise, so I'll vote for Obama now. Because of her.

holly said...

you know, i had been wavering on who to vote for, but i trust lucy snowe's opinion. so obama got my vote! ;)