Friday, February 22, 2008

Let the Sofa-Sitting Commence. Er, Continue.

This morning I dropped the car off at the dealership for some repairs (shout out to my husband for purchasing the seven year warranty back in '03, thereby guaranteeing everything but the oil change to be FREE! FREE! FREE!), then got a ride home from the dealership shuttle. I had this idea that I would take a short nap and then get down to business with all the housework that has gone undone this week due to my wonked-out schedule. I laid down on the sofa, rearranged the cat for optimal comfort (she had her nose digging into my ribs), and the next thing I knew it was three and a half hours later and I had slept hard enough to wake up with semi-permanent sofa pillow creases covering the entire right side of my face.

One would think that, after that, I might get up and get going, at least start a load of laundry or something, So far I have made myself an enormous cup of coffee, eaten three brownies, chatted animatedly on the phone with Nicole (I consider the hand gestures to be an excellent midday workout), and resettled myself with all three cats on the sofa. For extra super bonus points, I did gather all the recyclable paper that is within arm's reach into one tidy pile. I feel the slightest twinge of guilt about pretty much doing nothing while the rest of the world is at work, but it's been pretty easy to push that to the back of my mind by watching YouTube videos.

It's pretty handy, this internet thing.

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