Saturday, February 02, 2008

Time Well Spent

Today I spent a few hours tallying up call logs at the Obama Kansas City headquarters. For awhile I was seated near an older couple who were making phone calls to voters in Kansas, encouraging to get them out to caucus on Tuesday. Judging by the end of the conversation I was hearing, a lot of people were confused. This is the first time Kansas has caucused, and these folks had their work cut out for them explaining what the caucus process is like, where to go, and why you have to get there at a certain time instead of just going anytime during the day. I was impressed by their patience and by their dedication. Being a part of this myself has been good, but watching my fellow volunteers--of all ages and races--do what they can to spread the word has been inspiring. I have never believed in a candidate enough to do any more than show up at the voting booth. I have, in fact, abstained from voting before because I didn't feel like I could get behind any of the candidates.

This time is so very different. I am involved, and I am invested. I care about what happens next. I'm afraid of hearing the numbers come in on Tuesday because I want so very badly for this candidate to be the candidate, to be our president. I don't think I'm the only one who feels that way, who sees something like this video and feels a little bit of pride.

I am proud to be a part of this. No matter what happens on Tuesday, I will never consider the time I spent working to make this dream a reality, the dream of hope and change, to be a waste. I am honored to be a part of such an amazing group of people who have worked together despite our differences.

I'll be doing more for the campaign tomorrow and Monday, either making calls or tallying up call logs again (the latter is my preference, to be honest, but I'll do whatever is needed). If you are in the Kansas City area and would like to be part of what all of us are doing together for the Obama campaign, please stop by the headquarters at 3911 Main or call 816-531-1108 to find out how you can help in the next few days.

Whether you're for Obama or not, please get out and vote or caucus on Tuesday. Of course we'd prefer that you stand with us in support of our chosen candidate, but regardless of whether you agree with us or not, your voice deserves to be heard. To find your polling or caucus location, you can visit the Barack Obama website, scroll to the bottom where it says "Obama Everywhere," click on your state, and then click through to find your polling or caucusing information. I especially like the feature on the Kansas info page that gives a little intro and instructions to help you understand the caucusing process.

Get out there, people. Your voice is important; let's hear it.


markbe said...

saw this on Tony Jones' blog ( and almost sent it to ya. good thing i checked here first. man, he almost gets me believing that stuff but i'm too much of a realist/pessimist and don't want my hopes to be crushed later. awesome video and message tho.

Shiz said...

Yay! I wish I could help, but I'm not about to make international long-distance calls to other states when I know so little to begin with (I've been invited via email to make calls, but the email system forgets where I live). If there were an Obama centre nearby I'd probably go.

Good for YOU.

PS, I hate making cold calls too. TWIN.