Friday, March 28, 2008

Behold! The Heavens Opened, and the Glory of the Swedes Shone Down Upon Us

The first time I saw Jarod's house, not so long after we'd begun dating, I thought to myself, "Oh, GREAT. If this goes anywhere, I might end up having to live in this house." It was a bachelor house then, and all the magnificence that goes with a house that bachelors live in was evident. Jarod had bought it because he really liked it, and to him it seemed just right. He'd spent his whole life helping his parents do home remodeling projects, so his thought was that finally he could live in a place that didn't need any of that. And when two bachelors were living there? It really didn't need any of that. But now that he's got a wife, well...things have taken a turn for the worse. While two bachelors might not mind that the linoleum is peeling up by the back door, and the kitchen counters are from 1972, I do mind. While two bachelors might not care that the toilet is has mineral stains and a crack in the tank, I most definitely do. And I have not been silent about this. The kitchen and bathroom both need updates. I've probably complained about this more than is necessary. Now we're getting around to doing something about it. This is my new IKEA kitchen:

that's my new kitchen

You'll have to use your imagination a bit on this one, but trust me, it's going to be beautiful. Once it is installed, I will probably want to sleep in there so that I can stare up at it in the moonlight and have sweet dreams every night. I will roll out my yoga mat and bring a pillow, and the cats will curl up next to me, and it will be the one of the best days of my entire life, tying only with the first night I slept in my Strawberry Shortcake canopy bed when I was seven. I couldn't fall asleep because I was too busy feeling so lucky and happy.


While we were in Chicago we felt it was necessary to indulge in as many culinary delights as possible. Unfortunately, we didn't really go anywhere with food except IKEA, so we had to go all Swedish style.

jarod got the meatballs

Jarod had the meatballs. They seemed to be pretty Swedish to me, especially dipped in the accompanying lingonberry sauce.

i got the cake!

I had the chocolate cake. Well, and also the chicken marsala, which isn't very Swedish, but which IS the reason that I wasn't smiling in the photo. I had a feeling that I still had bits of my meal, particularly the broccoli portion, stuck in my teeth, and boy was I right.


By the end of the trip, it became clear that our purpose was not only to get a kitchen, but also to visit all the retail chain stores that we do not have in Kansas City. I don't have a photo of all the cute new wardrobe additions I acquired from H&M, but I did take a moment to document my Trader Joe's acquisitions.

i got what i came for

I don't know about you, but to me, nothing says SUPER FUN VACATION like a cart full of cereal meant to keep you regular.


brooke said...

three of the best things kansas city doesn't have. and why not? are we not a major city in the midwest? don't we deserve the lovely things from Ikea, H&M and Trader Joe's? What have we done to deserve this lack of stylistic consumerism?!

cara said...

Ikea food is the bomb, yo! and is it some sort of blasphemy to admit that i have never been to a Trader Joe's before. i blame Canada for this one.

daysgoby said...

Oh looooook at the pretty cabinets.....

can't wait to see it all up!

Shepcat said...

I have a very good friend in L.A. who goes to the IKEA in Burbank specifically for the meatballs. More than once we gathered a group of a half dozen or more for whom furniture shopping was merely a pretext for eating in the cafeteria there.

Shiz said...

IKEA breakfast is the best. And Trader Joe's is my secret lover. They have quinoa at ridiculously reasonable prices! And also the chocolate kitty cookies and meringues!

Jennifer said...

grammar Q:
what is with the single quote 'phenomenon'?
I use them but I have the feeling they aren't even a real thing. I basically use them when I don't want to commit to real quotation marks, as they seem to have become nerdy if they aren't absolutely necessary. I would have to look back over my old posts to find an example of where I used them, but I see them elsewhere too, esp. in online news resources.

It is an example of creative grammar/punctuation invention, non? They are never actually correct, right?

kristin said...

Love your picture regarding the chicken marsala! It's clear to see how much you enjoyed it! hehe