Thursday, March 06, 2008

These Days They Call It "Having Trouble Listening"

Back in my day, it was just called disobedience. But whatever the case, it's what got Mary Liz into trouble, and what earned her an hour time out in her room yesterday afternoon. Once she was done with her homework and reading, I told her to head on to her room, get it over with, and then she'd be free.

"Free like that Harry girl?"


"You know, that Harry girl."

"No, which girl is that?"

"Oh, yeah, Harriet Tubman!"

Hmm..well, um, that's a little bit different.


In the car the kids were discussing their Spanish teacher. Jack insists that she doesn't really know much Spanish, that's she's not really that good (Thank you, Calvin Critical.), that she doesn't know more Spanish than a fourth grader. Mary Liz, coming to the rescue of her teacher, pipes up, "Nuh-UH! She knows a lot of Spanish! She's from SPANISHLAND!"

I wonder if I can go there for spring break...

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Jennifer said...

LOL! That's awesome! I'd go to spanish land... except that I do not know as much spanish as a fourth grader. no where near.