Thursday, March 13, 2008

You Want It, You Get It

Though I really don't know why you're asking for grammar and punctuation advice from someone who doesn't bother to proofread her own blog most of the time. Sometimes I'll even catch errors a few days later and never change them. Perhaps in addition to this latest offering I should also promise to do a better job of proofreading. Let's start with the initial commitment, though:






We'll call it Grammar Mondays unless you have a better idea. I'll begin with the requests I've already received, then move on to new requests or randomly selected subjects. If you have a specific question related to grammar, punctuation, or, say, idioms or something, feel free to either leave it in the comments or email it to me at marymuses at gmail dot com. (Don't ask for help with run-on sentences, though, Can't help ya there!)

Then prepare for me to sometimes be wrong. I do not claim to be an English language guru, having gotten my English degree eleven years ago and not having used it professionally since then (unless sparkling dinner conversation counts), but I will attempt to answer your questions (often with help from my two grammar guides, just to make sure I'm not misleading you) and address some common grammar and punctuation mistakes.

Hopefully this will be helpful to all of us--both those with questions and those of us, myself included, who need a refresher.


In other news, the two StairMasters at my gym are broken, and this breaks my workout-loving heart. Perhaps someone would like to trade StairMaster repair services for grammar help? Please? I simply can't use that Precor EFX5600 one more time; it's like wading through mud.


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I am all for Grammar Mondays...I'll be sure to tune in. I've already sent links to many others about the correct use of apostrophes, it has saved me SO much time now that I don't have to type it up myself!