Friday, April 18, 2008

Do As I Say AND As I Do, Except in Special Circumstances

It's kind of funny, really, that I punished Jack for being sneaky tonight right after I wrote that post about the same standards applying to both adults and children, because later I totally pulled one over on Mary Liz. But it was, uh, for a good reason, and not because I wanted to eat twelve snacks before dinner. (This is an ongoing battle with Jack; it will be nearly dinnertime, and I'll let him have something small to tide him over, and then as his mom walks in, he'll grab a snack and eat it very quickly, then ask her for another one before she notices the snack wrapper he's still holding in his hand. To this behavior I say loudly: DO NOT WANT.) I was sneaky for what I consider to be a worthy cause: because I want to preserve the magic of childhood.

Mary Liz lost a tooth tonight during soccer practice. We brought it home in a plastic baggy, and she repeatedly grilled me about why I didn't even notice that she'd lost her tooth before she told me. For the record, A) she told me as soon as I was within earshot, and B) the tooth space was not visible unless she opened her mouth wide, Reach-toothbrush-fliptop-head style. I set it on the counter where the cat wouldn't push it off, and at bedtime I asked her if she wanted to put it under her pillow tonight for the tooth fairy, or show it to Mom later and put it out for collection tomorrow night. She opted to put it under the pillow tonight because she wanted, "to try an experiment." The experiment was to see if there would be money under her pillow even if her mom didn't know. This way, she reasoned, she'd know the truth about whether or not the tooth fairy is really just your parents. Fair enough, I said, and then she made me promise, pinky swear even, that I would not tell her mom and ruin it for her. I keep my promises, so I didn't tell her mom.

I did, however, tell Jarod, who happened to conveniently be around for the evening, and he told her mom.

Nanny and her quest to preserve the magic of childhood: 1
Kids' quest to find out actual truth about mythical beings: 0

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