Sunday, April 06, 2008

Girls! Girls! Girls!

Shortly after noon, Jarod took off for Minneapolis for a week of work stuff up there. Now it's just the ladies over here, one human and three feline. I've always gotten girl cats because I like them better. For one, male cats sometimes end up with enormous heads, and I just don't like the enormous head look. Two, male cats are much more likely to have hygiene difficulties. Three, there's that whole spraying issue. I'll take the girls, thanks. And we'll have ladies' night every night of the week while Jarod is away.

I'll miss my husband while he's gone, but I also recognize this week for what it is, which is an opportunity to organize more stuff in less time. With only one of us around to leave things out and get dishes dirty and require dinner (which, honestly, I don't always require, being a snackity kind of girl), there are a whole lot of little chores that I won't have to deal with. I've already caught up on laundry, planted potatoes, read half a novel, and a finished digging up the lilies from our front yard, and he's only been gone six hours! Imagine the possibilities of a whole week on my own! I might actually get the rest of the basement boxes sorted out and get all the tools put into the toolbox! I quiver with excitement!

For the moment, though, I'm taking a little break. You'd be taking a little break, too, if you had dug up all these:

i fought the lilies, and I WON!!!

There was a moment that I looked out at all those lilies and thought, "Oh, NO. I will NEVER GET DONE NOT EVER WHAT WAS I THINKING?!?!" But then the spirit of the marathoner within me took over and I just kept going. This is the secret of getting any lengthy project done. Just keep going. I remember repeating that to myself over and over again when I looked at the pile of ironing before me at my Connecticut job. And what do you know? I finished all that ironing, all those times, and I still lived to see another day.

You might remind me of this sometime down the road, possibly when I am whining about weeding my garden.


Jennifer said...

veeery interesting... you and my friend Martha ( ) both just posted about Just Keep Going.
Interesting. A theme in the air.

Shiz said...

I do that sometimes, too, but I'm not nearly as motivated as you are. ;)

Have you seen Run Fatboy Run? I think that as a marathoner and as a human being, you should see it. Too funny.