Thursday, April 17, 2008

I Think What I Need is a Good Dose of the BBC

It's rare that there's something I like on one of the two gym televisions I can see from the StairMaster. It seems that the person who sets the channels usually wants to watch sports, sports movies, or (oh, dear) FOX News. From time to time the new selection will be switched to something slightly more palatable, like CNN, but even they have their weak spots. For example, lately it's only switched from FOX to CNN when Nancy Grace is on, which, seriously? NO. I do not like her. I can only read the captions and see her facial expressions, and still I can tell that it's 100% sensationalism 100% of the time. Which is true of most news stations in general, I suppose, but Nancy Grace really takes the cake. Watching that show causes my heart to beat irregularly and my breathing to near hyperventilation, and I'm sure you can imagine that this is not good when one is on the StairMaster. I have to look away to the other television or at my screen, which is slowly ticking off the seconds until my workout is complete. The screen-staring option is usually a little much for me, I'll admit, as the quickest way to get done with a StairMaster workout is to do your best to forget that you're on the StairMaster at all. So tonight I watched the end of a football movie starring Keanu Reeves and Gene Hackman, and then TBS does what TBS always does, which is to start the same movie over again right away. So I saw the very end and the very beginning of this movie, but didn't catch what it was. And this whole paragraph? Is just a lead in to my question: does anyone know what movie that is? Is it good?


An old friend recently asked me to do a little tutorial about recycling, which I am quite happy to do, but have been lazy about so far (probably because I am exhausting myself trying to win some sort of recycling contest that doesn't even exist). So I'm putting this here as a place holder of sorts, to say that, yes, I will do it, and please leave mean comments if I don't get it done by Monday.


I also have plans to do a little something along the lines of better eating (no partially hydrogenated oils or high fructose corn syrup! more whole grains! less sugar! more fruit!), which I will not disclose details about yet, but which we (Jarod is in on it, too) hope will be fairly high on the awesomeness scale. We've been thinking about this and planning for it since Christmas, but somehow got stalled; apparently I need a place holder for that, too. Feel free to bug me if I don't get to it, all right?

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Anonymous said...

the movie is called "the replacements". as for your question, "is it good?" i think two simple words should suffice to answer that question; "keanu" and "reeves". (translation: no.)