Monday, May 19, 2008

Grammar Monday: Using the Wrong Word, and How to Stop

I'm just going to throw you a quick lesson tonight. There are two sets of words that most people use incorrectly. Let's set this straight.

1. Nauseated/Nauseous Nauseated is the word to describe feeling sick, while nauseous refers to the thing that might make one nauseated. I am nauseated by the nauseous smell of last night's leftover fish.

2. Disinterested/Uninterested Disinterested means that you are impartial; it is a good thing for a judge to be. Uninterested refers to being bored or lacking interest. It's a good thing the referee is disinterested and can make good calls without caring who wins, but too bad that I am completely uninterested in football and am stuck at the game without a good book.

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Jennifer said...

good one ! thanks, Mary! You are a good woman, contributing to general knowledge. I am getting an education while keeping up on my blog reading. perfect.