Thursday, May 01, 2008


In an effort to whip my basement into shape, this weekend I am having a yard sale. Many have commented to me, "It's called Goodwill, Mary," and I would like to assure all those people that my neighborhood Goodwill already knows my car thanks to the many, many, MANY donations I have already made. They will continue to see me on a regular basis, I'm sure, as I take yard sale leftovers and other random junk I find in the basement to their back door. However, before I throw it all into their capable hands, I'd like to try to make a little cash.

Yeah, I know. I'm greedy. Greedy for a new basement shelf. A new, BIG basement shelf, one that is large enough to hold our luggage. For months now I've been drooling all over a shelf at Target, and now I am determined that it shall be mine. We will have our entire basement organized! I will stop at nothing, even sitting outdoors in the weather for nine hours, taking money from people who would like to help me part with our crap!

For those of you who are wondering just how much of it is my crap and how much is my husband's, I will honestly tell you that it's about 50/50, which surprises even me. I was certain that I had thrown out all the things I would no longer want or need when I packed up all my stuff and moved to Connecticut for fourteen months, but it turns out that I am willing to send a lot more stuff straight out the door if it means that every item in my house has its own little home, that everything in my basement is lined neatly on shelves or folded into bins.

I really don't know how it came to this. I am, by nature, a cluttery person. I like leaving things out. I like keeping things for sentimental reasons. I really enjoy leaving a trail of shoes between the sofa and my closet. But somehow I now equally enjoy having everything neat and tidy, lined up and in order. I think it's because, somewhere along the way, I became a grown-up. I like having a budget and eating my vegetables, and I subscribe to magazines of the home and garden variety. I don't pick up Us Weekly nearly as often as I used to. I occasionally sing Billy Joel hits under my breath while I vacuum. It's kind of ridiculous.

Someone, please help me.

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Shiz said...

Billy Joel is great for vacuuming!