Saturday, May 10, 2008

This is What We Do Now on Friday Nights

Today I spent the day with a baby on the verge of toddlerhood, ten whole hours of day, and she slept a grand total of one and three-quarters hours. This would have been just dandy except that I did not sleep much at all last night. In fact, I'd say that four hours would be a generous estimate. I had an enormous peppermint mocha to get me through the first half of the day, but the second half was a little more challenging than I normally prefer. Still, even after I was done, there was more to do. I had ERRANDS. During the first errand, to Whole Foods, I bellied right up to the coffee bar and ordered a medium iced coffee, which I proceeded to spill right down the front of my shirt. I would have cared, but the caffeine hadn't had enough time to kick in, so I was still feeling a little...vague. By the time I hit Target, two errands later, I did have the good sense to pull on a sweatshirt over that mess, but the fact still remains that the patrons of Whole Foods and Michael's got to see me in all my coffee-stained glory. Brilliant.

I'd take time out to care a little more about it now that I've been alert for a few hours, but A) I didn't see anyone I knew, and even if I did, most people are familiar with my ability to spill things on myself with alarming frequency, and B) What I really care about is my purchase of a Furminator. I'd read about them on Dooce's Daily Chuck, and had stopped into PetSmart earlier to check them out, but after the shock of the price tag, I had to take a moment to decide if it would be worth it.

Um, it was worth it.

phae and her furminated fur

That's Phae, looking much more svelte than before, and the fur that Jarod furminated off her back. Just her back. We still have her sides and tummy to go. It is unbelievable, and also unbelievably satisfying. After all, we are Americans, and if there's one thing that Americans like, it's a tangible result, concrete evidence of effort. Behold, the result of our efforts, the fruit of Jarod's labor and the $34.99 we paid for the Furminator.

phae's furminated fur, next to size ten well-pedicured feet

The birds in our neighborhood will have very cozy nest this year, I think.


holly said...

i have one of those too, but neither cat likes it. china will put up with it for longer, but eventually try to escape. cali won't put up with it for long at all before she bails. do your cats enjoy it?

A said...

That was my question, too. B.C. and Special K generally like being brushed, but they wanted nothing to do with the bloody awful Shed Ender (TM!), which had a weird blade in it and an uncomfortably spiky comb. Was that because they're long-haired cats? Will the Furminator work better on my walking rugs?

Phae looks great on that chair. And that is a great chair.

marymuses said...

Both Phae and Eponine love it, though Eponine does not like to be restrained, so she's always trying to walk around while I do it. Phae plants herself firmly on the rug for her sessions, though she does sometimes get so taken away by the pleasure that she writhes around a bit to demonstrate her utter delight. Lucy is pretty wriggly, so we haven't gotten much done with her, though what we have done hasn't yielded much fur. She is very sleek, though, and even grooms herself in her sleep, so I'm not surprised that she doesn't need it as much as the other two.

A, I'm so glad you like my chair! That's the one I found across the street in the neighbor's trash. It's got a fresh coat of paint and a new seat cushion. I paid more than I normally would for the fabric, but I enjoy the finished product so much that I know it was worth it.

Shiz said...

$34.99? Seriously? Here they start at $70 and go up to $120.

Some friends have the $70 one for their cat and love it.

Also, please note that it took me a good month or so to put he Furminator/Terminator joke together. Oh! THAT's where that came from.

bridget said...

We got a furminator based on this very blog post. Thanks for the demonstration and recommendation! We got ours off of Amazon with free shipping - with 5 cats it doesn't seem to be too spendy. The cats like it in varying degrees, but we have been seeing less hairballs. Hooray!