Friday, June 27, 2008

Breaking Yet Another Heart

Today while watching Kung Fu Panda with Jack and Mary Liz, I realized something: I am completely and utterly over children's movies already. Even a year ago I probably would have liked this one, but it seems I've hit the Children's Movie Limit. I hit the Children's Music Limit years ago, so I guess this shouldn't come as a surprise, yet I am taken aback a bit. It's just all so...sudden. I thought that I would always hate certain children's movies, but that I would still like the ones that were well done or somewhat funny to adults. That is not the case. I'm done with the predictable plot lines, the stories-as-lessons, the all-too-recognizable celebrity voices. It's over. Sorry, Children's Movies. I am breaking up with you. We can still be acquaintances. Because of our respective lines of work, we are bound to run into each other, so let's keep it civil. You know, for the sake of the children. If you feel a little alone dealing with this, if you need some pointers for moving on, feel free to go talk to Baby Jeans or Electronic Musical Toys. They might also direct you to Primary Colored Plastic Objects, Elaborate Baby Swings, and Ginormous Hulking Stroller Systems. I've dumped all of them, too.

And I'm not sorry.


Anonymous said...

So...does that mean I get to take your future children to the movies???? I'm back to enjoying them...wait, I've never reached my limit! What do you expect from the queen of singing & dancing stuffed critters???



holly said...

seems to me like you need to get on the Miyazaki train, and watch My Neighbor Totoro. i find that anime movies are much less predictable than regular kid's movies, and much much more enjoyable.

but yes, i have to agree, most kid movies are crap. i did really like kung fu panda, tho, i must admit. :)