Thursday, June 26, 2008

I'm Already Drooling a Little Bit

The Kansas City heat is really taking it out of me. Today after being outdoors in the morning and running errands without using my car AC well into the afternoon, I practically wilted into the sofa. I had all these grand plans for the blueberries that I picked with Brooke this morning--there are six and a half pounds of them, after all--but found that I really couldn't be bothered with blueberry anything once I was settled deeply into the sofa cushions. I think I must have been made to summer in Reykjavik.

But instead I'm summering here, and next week I'll be doing a little summering in Connecticut, where I've heard they've already seen some record-breaking scorching days. I'm hoping that Connecticut will get my memo and cool it a bit, and if they don't, New York City will at least offer me some sugar besides the kind that will come in the doughnuts and chocolates I intend to stuff into my gaping maw during the two days I'm there. (If you're up for anything July 3 and 4, New Yorkers, give me a shout.) My main objective for the trip is to spend some quality time with my former charges, Frank and Al, so I suppose if the weather doesn't cooperate, it won't be a total bust. If, however, the doughnuts or chocolates don't cooperate, I will be sorely disappointed.

Take note, New York eateries. My summer satisfaction depends on you.

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k-stin said...

I did the errand thing yesterday and hung blinds, then wilted into MY sofa. Hope you escape it in New York/CT!