Wednesday, June 04, 2008


I watched CNN for much of the evening, listening in on John McCain's speech (oh, how painful), then Hillary's, then Barack's. Obviously, Barack's was the best. The man has a gift for speaking. One thing that has struck me as this campaign has continued is that while other candidates' speeches focus largely on themselves and their accomplishments, Barack's are about other people. He uses the words "you" and "we" much more than "I." It is an acknowledgment that this nation belongs to all of us. He praises others more than he lauds his own accomplishments. He was eloquent and gracious in praising Hillary Clinton this evening, a courtesy she only weakly extended to his campaign before saying that she would not make any decisions tonight.

As if the decision had not already been made for her.

She then continued on to tell her supporters to let her know what they think via her website. I didn't want to get junk mail from her, so I chose to send her flickrmail instead. As much as I wanted to recommend a good therapist that could help her work through her denial, I didn't. I kept it short and respectful and to the point. I told her that it's time to let go, to support the person who has won the nomination. I doubt it's what she wanted when she asked people to write her and tell her what they think, but I also doubt that most people want the nomination process to take any longer than it already has.

Hillary, Barack won. You lost. It's time to move on from denial to the next stage of grief, isn't it?

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