Sunday, June 08, 2008

We Came, We Saw, We...Got Really Tired

Sometimes I think I must be the worst nanny imaginable. By the end of the day yesterday I really wished I could seal the kids mouths shut and cart them to the car on a dolly. It only takes about five and a half hours of having to call after them to "wait for everyone" and "stay together, please," to wear me out completely. I know a lot of families take their kids to big festivals and amusement parks and who-knows-what, then write glowing reports about how much fun the kids had and how it was just so neat, whereas I tend to be a total party pooper by the end of the day, declaring that I am done, so let's get home and kick these kids out of the car as soon as possible. By the time I'd dropped off Zach and Hannah, then my mom, then finally Jack and Mary Liz, I was so spent that I left my suitcase haphazardly in the middle of the walkway from front door to living room, and the cooler still full of ice packs and Izze boxes. Both items are still exactly where I dropped them. I haven't felt like even looking at them yet.

There are a couple of things that I would do differently to make the trip a bit easier. First, I would have made my husband take Benadryl on Thursday night so that his allergy-induced snoring wouldn't leave me with just two hours of sleep to go on for Friday. Second, I would have rotated the kids' seating arrangement in the van more so that the boys wouldn't be wild the entire time and Mary Liz wouldn't feel left out. Third, I would have brought my own pillows. Fourth, I would have tied all the kids together with a big rope and sealed their mouths shut with duct tape, ensuring that there would be no running too far ahead and no complaining.

Well, I would do the first three at least. And if I had more money at my disposal, I would have gotten an extra hotel room for just the grown-ups, putting the kids in an adjoining room of their own, where they could throw their Crocs around with wild abandon. As it was, we had two adults and four kids in one room. The boys took to the floor, and my mom and I each shared a bed with one of the girls. Mom got the littlest bird, Miss Hannah Banana, while I got Mary Liz and a lot of knee-to-the-kidney moves throughout the night. Actually, as long as we're fantasizing about having more money, I would have had both rooms for two nights so that we'd have just a bit more time at Silver Dollar City and would drive home rested the next day.

And I would have gotten myself a really nice souvenir. Like a bunny.

little rabbit

Oh, well. Maybe next time. I don't really have a good spot for a bunny hutch right now anyway.


Anonymous said...


It does not make you a horrible person and/or nanny to want to physically restrain and gag the children. That is called BEING NORMAL.

Did you get to do your favourite ride?

- Shiz

holly said...

aaawwww i love that bunny.