Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Let Me Tell You My Favorite Thing About Jack Right Now

Jack got his first filling today, but that's not my favorite thing. It's necessary to mention it only because it was so entertaining to watch him all day. First the drooling, then the chewing with his numb mouth half open, then the joy radiating from his whole face when he realized that his mouth wasn't numb anymore. He's still going back and forth between bragging that it did hurt even though everyone said it wouldn't be that bad and boasting that it actually didn't hurt because he's so brave and tough. I'll give him a few more days to evaluate the situation before he gives me his final assessment. He was a pretty good sport about it; I'll give him a big thumbs up for that.

Now on to my favorite thing: Jack is a very social kid, and he loves to talk to anyone and everyone. Sometimes his thoughts take awhile to catch up to his mouth, so he adds a lot of filler. While some kids might say um or well or some such one syllable muttering, Jack prefers to fill with, "I don't know why," after which he'll tell you why. For instance, today he was trying to explain the game Clue to Mary Liz in the car and getting nowhere with the explanation. He finally gave up, rounding out the discussion with, "I really like that revolver. I don't know why, but it's probably because it's a gun and they use guns in the army." Or another of my favorites, "Killer whales are the largest whale. I don't know why, but I think they just are." I will be very sad when he doesn't do this anymore. I hope he still does it when he's forty.

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