Friday, July 18, 2008


I've been a little light on the posting lately. I have all these Great Blog Thoughts throughout the day, but then I get home and I'm tired and I have eleventy kajillion things to do, so I just skip it. This week alone you've already been neglected in favor of The Quest for the Perfect(ish) Cheap Birdbath, doing laundry (but not necessarily folding it), scoring cheap light fixtures, making cookies, doing housekeeping triage (it's not clean, but it's better), and taking power naps. The sleep at night has been a little on the light side, so if I'm not in motion, you can bet I'm catching a little shuteye to get me through the next little while. What I'd really like would be a day at home with nothing scheduled, a day that I can shuffle around in my pajamas and have nothing to attend to that requires putting on shoes. What I'm getting for the next little while is nothing like that. I'd say I'm not complaining but I think we all know that I am.

On the upside, I had an excellent sandwich today at the pool, plus I had only one kid to look after, and it was the easy one. Mary Liz can certainly be difficult if she chooses, but for the most part we fall into an easy rhythm when it's just the two of us. Part of the simplicity is due to the fact that she needs very little direct attention to keep her happy, and is content to just sit by me or know that I am in the general vicinity, and the rest is due to the fact that she's very much like me, so it is easy to figure out what she is thinking. Today there was no one else in the pool but her for about two hours, and she didn't come out or complain that she was bored even once. She just floated around, did handstands, stuck her head under the faucet that refills the pool, and took full advantage of having the diving board all to herself. A couple of times she did something goofy and looked over to see if I'd noticed (I always do), but other than that she was pleased as punch to amuse herself quietly. Had it been Jack alone in the pool, I never would have heard the end of his pleas for me to play Marco Polo or find more pool toys or call each and every one of his friends until I found SOMEONE, ANYONE to relive his boredom. And if no one else would be available? He'd play it just like my Great Aunt Marge and tell me the same story twelve times. I love both kids dearly, and I certainly admire many of Jack's traits, but alone at a pool is about the last place I'd like to be with him in tow.

Well, except maybe alone at the DMV. I might fall over and expire if we had to endure that, and I'm sure he'd feel the same way.

I also might fall over and expire if I don't make some dinner, so here we go again...

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