Wednesday, July 23, 2008


I got up late this morning. I'm still sitting on the sofa, empty toast plate next to me, cup of coffee on the coffee table (as it should be, no?). I feel a little guilty. So many people have been up and working for hours and here I am, pajama-clad. I feel guilty like this a lot.

The thing is that it's not like I don't work both inside and outside our home. Right now I'm breezing along with twenty-five hours a week elsewhere and who knows how many here. At home I tend to get started shortly after noon and then it's a whirlwind, a little hurricane, a blizzard, or whatever other meteorologically inspired metaphor you'd like to place on it. Today I will most certainly harvest my onions and some of my carrots, water the potatoes, wipe down and repaint a dresser, finish the last loads of laundry left from yesterday, make dinner, file bills. I will put in a full day of work, just on a later schedule. But still I feel guilty that the rest of you did not get to sleep in a little bit today, that you couldn't sit on your sofa returning e-mails with two cats vying for the best spot on top of your feet.

I'm really, terribly sorry. I hope we can all feel better knowing that on Saturday I have to be to work at 6:20am.

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