Tuesday, August 05, 2008

And Tomorrow I Get to Drive to Nebraska! For Lunch!

Today started out well enough. I was doing some volunteer stuff at the polls, then planned to have a nap of unspecified duration, after which I would scrape some more wallpaper off the monstrosity that is our bedroom and perhaps make a little potato salad for dinner. Instead I ended up in the car, driving, then in my grannie's hospital room, trying to talk her into transferring to a hospital where her MRI could be read by a neurologist. I used the promise of homemade potato salad/furious batting of eyelashes combination, and what do you know? It worked! Soon I was in my car, driving (again), so I could meet her at the next location and listen to her complain about how she really could take care of herself, thankyouverymuch, but her family insisted, so here she was (cue melodramatic interlude). It was awesome, of course.

Almost as awesome, but not quite, was showing up to pick up some clothesline poles that I'd found on freecycle, only to discover that it wasn't just the poles we were getting, but also the concrete that had anchored the poles, still holding tight to the ends. After I made some feeble attempts at whacking it loose with a mallet, Jarod took over, as is his usual custom when I am attempting to do heavy labor. We got them cleaned up, loaded, and unloaded at home just in time for me to dish up some potato salad for Grannie and hit the elevator as the "Visiting hours are now over," announcement rang through the hospital halls. Not to be deterred by an announcement that I wouldn't have heard if I'd already been in the elevator, I pushed 4 and made my delivery. Success!

Now if I could just figure out how to condense twelve hours of catch-up sleep into the six I'll likely get before the alarm rings in the morning...

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